Writer and Artist
Hamburg, Germany

Mission, Passion, and Vision

Three lines

The mission of Rafael R. Pilsczek is clear: change the world and make it better. His passion is in his nature: gift love to the people, and you will be rewarded by love from the people. The vision is a never ending story: peace, peace, peace.

Books (only in German yet)

New: Meine West End Story

Ich fliege niemals wieder nach New York (Neuauflage, und mit neuem Vorwort als Taschenbuch)

Bleibt der Westen so erhalten, wie wir ihn kannten? Sind seine Werte in großer Gefahr in dieser Zeitenwende? In einer Reportage schaut der Hamburger Schriftsteller Rafael R. Pilsczek sowohl in die Geschichte des alten Westens als auch in dessen Gegenwart und geht der vermutlich wichtigsten Frage dieser Epoche nach: Gerät das Leben im Westen in derartige Schwingungen, dass er bald Geschichte sein könnte? Sein bedeutsames Werk ist nun auch als Taschenbuch online erhältlich.

Will the West be preserved the way we knew it? Are its values in great danger in this changing era? In a reportage, the writer from Hamburg, Germany, Rafael R. Pilsczek looks into the history of the Old West as well as into its presence and explores what is probably the most important question of this epoch: Does life in the West become so vibrant that it could soon be history? His meaningful work is now also available online as a paperback.

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New: Mai

Ein junger Mann, der nicht zu halten war

Hier ist die junge Maria, eine aufstrebende Geigerin in Ost-Berlin, und dort ist die chilenische Tango-Tänzerin in New York, die ausgerechnet auch Maria heißen muss. Dazwischen steht der junge Mann Michael Mai, der von beiden nicht zu halten ist. Oder doch? Der neue Roman von Rafael Robert Pilsczek ist eine Liebesgeschichte und ein fesselnder Thriller zugleich und ab jetzt online erhältlich.

Here is the young Maria, an ambitious violinist in East Berlin, and there is the Chilean tango dancer in New York, who ironically is also called Maria. In between is the young man Michael Mai, who can't be stopped by either of them. Or perhaps he can? The new novel by Rafael Robert Pilsczek is a love story and a captivating thriller at the same time and available online from now on.

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Also Available

Other books written by Rafael Robert Pilsczek.

Paintings (an extract)


Moving evenings

People love Rafaels readings and the energizing space for dialogue and audience participation. All presentations are based on the value of open-minded discussions and exchange of insights. The goal is always to move people, learn from one another, share moments of engaged conversation. Whether the content of the stories touches on sadness or warm, personal experiences, they are told from a place of love and acceptance.

Where to go

There have been already many presentations and readings of his work. Mostly, these have been in both small and big towns around Germany and New York City. Invite Rafael R. Pilsczek into your home, university, literature house, libraries or whenever you would want to create an intimate gathering for the open and inspiring exchange of ideas on art and society that will make everyone feel a part of the evening.  


Arts & Beats – The Video

The 5th Arts & Beats by Pilsczek & Manzel & Buddenhagen took place in Hamburg-Winterhude in the premises of the Buddenhagen branch on Saturday, 23 November 2019. After a great success of the first four Arts & Beats with numerous guests, wonderful food/cooking shows as well as a lot of good art and music we were very happy that Arts & Beats has experienced a fifth evening with more than 130 guests. Together with great photographers and artists, Rafael R. Pilsczek also presents his own paintings in a good place in Hamburg and makes room to combine politics, economy and arts. Arts and Beats is invented and founded by Rafael R. Pilsczek.

We steal the show

For those of you interested in an evening of visual arts, invite Rafael to show his paintings. Whether we gather at a gallery, a bank, or in nature, the magic and relevance of art will be in the air and the discussions. There is an epic painting culture to unleash. His art tells stories that will resonate with our daily and historic times. Martin Fischer from Luebeck, Germany is Rafaels artistic mentor. Together, they explore topics such as art in the days of digital time, the role of the artist in engaging a collaborative experience with the audience, etc. Join in this relevant and important discussion!

Speaker of Excellence

Insights and thoughts

Rafael is well educated and well-travelled. He is a seasoned public speaker who can articulate and engage the audience in a variety of timely topics. After decades of presentations in a number of roles, Rafaels demeanor provokes a palpably engaged, fun and intelligent exchange within the group.  

How to book him

Hamburg, Berlin, New York, Paris, big towns, small towns: we are reminded often of our eagerness to exchange ideas and find an energized inspiration for our work, our relations and our daily life. Rafaels work had been shaped by his deep belief that words matter, narratives matters and art has a center role in how we relate to ourselves and others. Invite him to start new conversations with those around you, be surprised, be inspired, end the evening with new curiosities, carry with you a memorable exchange of honest ideas in a warm, loving, and intelligent gathering celebrating and remembering what we all bring to a group.

Curriculum Vitae

Some facts

Born in 1968. A young reporter for big magazines. An academic, who has studied successfully Politics, German, and Philosophy. A politician of many years. An entrepreneur, who has founded his own company. A volunteer, who has leaded foundations. A writer, who has published books. A painter, who is an artist. Travelled in the whole of europe, in the US, and elsewhere. A leader and somebody, who has served the world well. This is Rafael R. Pilsczek M. A., no big thing, but big thinking.

A pal

Rafael R. Pilsczek loves love, and he loves the heart of people. More than 10 thousands of human beings have met and talked to him. Wherever he has laid down his hat, he has found a home. Married for many years and a proud father of a daughter, he has made his success story in Hamburg, Germany. Arriving there in 1994, he has had only one idea on his mind: go away from your small hometown and conquer the world. He will never leave his hometown Hamburg, but, you know, never say never again.

His teacher

The people he's learned from

The teachers are: Sokrates, Kant, Günter Anders, Karl Popper, and many others. The living teachers are the stars of famous journalism, in politics, and in life. He is surrounded by writers, artists, and thinkers like Elias Canetti, Dashiell Hammett, Albert Camus, and many others. All of them have shown him, what the world is, what the world could be. To become somebody of their world, that is the trigger of the work of him. He will never catch up with the big ones, but that is of no importance of him. Go and leave your child rooms and child places and do something with your life, that is the motto of him. He did quite well.

Bookings and Contact

Send her a message, please

Simone Schmuck, Hamburg, Germany, is the brillant manager of Rafael R. Pilsczek. Whenever you want to get into contact with the writer and artist, send her a message, please. She is his diamond of the kind of conseillière. She arranges evenings, exhibitions, sellings and all kind of cooperations. Try It out, what the manager can do for you and your folks. 

Dipl.-Kff. Simone Schmuck

e-mail: schmuck@pilsczek.de

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